Web-related Consulting Services

Our founding principal, Robert Gezelter, has been working with Internet technologies for over 30 years, since the Internet was known as the ARPAnet. This depth of knowledge allows us to ensure that the best mix of technologies is applied toward achieving client goals.

In matters involving the web and its underlying technologies, our unique blend of in-depth expertise in the technologies, from the underpinnings of packet-switched networks, to the highest levels of applications works to our clients' advantage. Often, the result is unique insights and exceptional perspectives on solutions to client issues.

This is more than simply a question of facility with one language or toolkit. Rather, it is a question of how best to employ which technologies to maximal advantage.

We have experience with a diverse collection of technologies including:

Mr. Gezelter has published and spoken extensively on web-related topics, including:

Our www site also includes two technology demonstrations:

Of course, a summary of our experience is no substitute for a direct conversation about your individual needs. Please use our Service Request Form to explain your individual needs and we will get back to you shortly.

Picture of Robert Gezelter, CDP