TechnicalCounselSM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we afford a high-profile consultant?

As one of our repeat clients said, “You cannot afford not to retain Bob”. What matters to your business is the total cost and accuracy of the solution, not the cost/hour. A low-quality, inexpensive solution that does not resolve the issue is neither inexpensive nor cost-effective.

We are located far from your offices in New York. Can you help us?

We have worked with clients around the world for more than 30 years. The march of technology has constantly broadened the services that we can offer clients remotely without leaving our offices. When it becomes necessary, we travel to your location to address those situations and problems that require an in-person presence.

Our needs are modest. Our installation is not complex. We have some issues, but they would not require more than a handful of hours or days of time. Can you help us?

In fact, few large projects require us to spend even full weeks of time on an individual client's project.

Our Standard Terms and Conditons reflect this simple fact. Our standard practice is to invoice clients for the amount of time actually spent on their project, in increments of 15 minutes. Out of town travel does force us to use an eight hour/day minimum. However, our general practice does not require clients to provide months of billing at a time. This reduces client costs substantially, an important consideration in these challenging financial times.

Your pictures on your www site show you in suit & tie. Am I buying a “suit” without technical substance?

This is the 21st century, not the 1950's. We do not generally disassemble hardware in suit & tie (although we have had clients request it). Our dress reflects what we are doing. For industrial facilities, we have our own hard hats and ear protectors. For meetings with senior managers where suit & tie are appropriate, we dress accordingly.

With regards to the “Empty Suit Syndrome”, we do not have dedicated managers or salespeople. You would not want to be treated that way by your accountant, attorney, or physician; and you will not be treated that way here. Here you will deal with a senior technical professional.

Picture of Robert Gezelter, CDP