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Different Options for Integrating SVG:
    Blending client-side, dynamic, on-revision, and static content

SVG allows extreme flexibility in multiple dimensions when presenting information. Contents, layout, and typography are often developers' primary focus. The production process for an SVG also presents a number of opportunities for process optimization. Examples of approaches for providing SVG elements are:

It is not often appreciated that these techniques are by no means mutually exclusive. Using other W3C standards (e.g., XHTML, DOM), SVG-based elements can be included or modified at any point at any point in the process, from original development to JavaScript-based user interaction with the end user. This multistage process provides opportunities at each and every step in the process.

This presentation will briefly show how these examples can be employed to minimize overhead and maximize the power of SVG to represent high-quality graphic output with maximum efficiency.

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