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Incident Response: What to do when “There is a problem”?

Houston, We've had a problem here.” With those words, the late Jack Swigert, Apollo 13's Command Module Pilot told Houston Control that something abnormal had happened aboard the spacecraft.

Incidents are inevitable. How one responds to an incident determines the impact of the situation on the organization and its people.

Today, business depends on systems and data. What should you do when you receive a report that something is amiss about one of the firm's computers? Not the routine missing patch or update, but possible involvement in a violation of policy, improper dealings, harassment, inappropriate explicit material, or worse, a criminal situation such as child pornography.

Responding correctly protects everyone's interests: the organization, the employees, and the potential prosecution. Conversely, the wrong response can create an imbroglio from which no one benefits. In the worst case, responding incorrectly can lead to civil liability.

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