The TechnicalCounsel(sm) News -- April 2010
Volume 7 Number 1 April 2010

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Trenton Computer Festival Professional Conference hosts Square Pegs/Round Holes: Toolset Strengths and Weaknesses

The Trenton Computer Festival Professional Conference has invited Mr. Gezelter to present Square Pegs/Round Holes: Toolset Strengths and Weaknesses on April 23, 2010 in Ewing Township, NJ. Toolsets often produce comparable end results by different pathways. The choice of toolset for a given purpose can have dramatic effects on cost, security, maintainability, and other areas. These effects are completely predictable.

Each toolset has strengths and weaknesses. Often, analysis is skipped in favor of a preferred solution. This "everything is a nail" approach does a disservice to all. This session will examine some examples of different technologies, and how the differences affect everyone, from end users to implementers.

A complete abstract of this talk and information about the presentation can be found at:

Trenton Computer Festival hosts IT and Ethics: Guidance for Professionals and Disposable Virtual Machines

The Trenton Computer Festival has invited Mr. Gezelter to present IT and Ethics: Guidelines for Professionals and Disposable Virtual Machines on April 24, 2010 in Ewing Township, NJ. Virtualization is not merely for businesses trying to wrench the last iota of efficiency from their infrastructure. Virtual machines can also be used to enhance the home computing security. In many households, there is rightly concern about security, particularly when a computer is shared by several members of the family. Friends and visitors complicate the problem. Knoppix and similar LiveCD Linux systems are one solution; but they have limitations. Disposable virtual machines are a similar solution, one that provides a full Windows(tm) environment, even as Administrator, without compromising the integrity of the underlying hardware. With disposable virtual machines, one can browse a suspect www site without endangering one's electronic banking.

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Computing traditionally has been about what could be done, not the ethics of the action. The unprecedented adoption of Internet technologies worldwide has transitioned computing from an isolated technical activity with few ethical implications to a technology that often raises ethical questions. Clarity is important on all sides, users, implementers, and operators. Implementations such as Twitter, Google Buzz, and Chatroulette are merely examples. Examples range from the mundane to the exotic. These are not merely philosophical questions; some of these decisions can have significant impacts and liabilities.

A complete abstract of this talk and information about the presentation can be found at:

The OpenVMS Consultant comments Why OpenVMS?, Soloist OpenVMS clusters, and Single Command Batch Jobs

Mr. Gezelter has continued his column, The OpenVMS Consultant on This year, entries have appeared on several areas of interest to the OpenVMS community. One entry was on the reasons that OpenVMS is a good platform. Two other entries addressed technical issues. The first addressed the desirability of configuring single-node environments as Soloist OpenVMS clusters. The most recent article demonstrated a sample command file that allows single-line commands to be quickly and easily submitted for execution in a batch queue, without the need to create a temporary file to store the command.

Future entries will address other issues of interest. The entire series can be accessed at:

Ruminations – An IT Blog comments on coding safety, dealing with the unexpected, IT governance, and networks compromised by broadband providers

Ruminations – An IT Blog continues to address general IT issues with broader implications. Recent entries have included topics on micro-blogging hazards, privacy, backups, connectivity, and encryption and electronic discovery, an interesting intersection between the law and technology.

All entries in Ruminations – An IT Blog can be accessed via the blog's home page at:

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