The TechnicalCounsel(sm) News -- May 2007
Volume 4 Number 1 May 2007

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Trenton Computer Festival Professional Conference features Architectural Techniques for Interoperability and Coexistence

The Trenton Computer Festival Professional Conference featured Mr. Gezelter’s presentation Architectural Techniques for Interoperability and Coexistence on April 27, 2007.

Software architectures enable systems to have long productive lives and eliminate the need for expensive, on-going revisions. Good architecture also enables systems to evolve to additional tasks and missions without incompatible changes. Systems can operate efficiently for decades, with low costs while assimilating dramatic changes in underlying technologies.

A complete abstract, along with the slides shown during the presentation, is posted at:

Long Island Systems, Applications, and Technology 2007 (LISAT 2007) features Safe Computing in the Age of Ubiquitous Connectivity

On May 4, 2007, Long Island Systems Applications and Technology 2007 (LISAT 2007) featured Safe Computing in the Age of Ubiquitous Connectivity.

This presentation will examine the challenge of today’s “office”, which is anywhere one happens to be: cubicle, conference room, customer site, coffee shop, or park. Broadband connections, both wired and wireless, enable this agility, and expose information systems to new challenges and responsibilities. Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of information systems is a vital, ongoing, challenge.

The official conference proceedings contain a seven page paper by Mr. Gezelter analyzing the challenges and possible solutions; with recommendations that enhance privacy and security while simultaneously enabling access by insiders and guests alike.

A complete abstract of this talk, the slides, and a re-print of the conference paper can be found on our www site at:

Hewlett Packard 2007 Technology Forum features speech on Migrating OpenVMS Storage Environments without Interruption/Disruption

The Hewlett-Packard 2007 Technology Forum will include the presentation of Migrating OpenVMS Storage Environments without Interruption/Disruption.

With the ever increasing requirements for uptime and availability, downtime for reconfiguration and replacement of storage has become increasingly rare. The need for maintenance and re-structuring has increased, but full time online availability leaves no convenient time for offline maintenance.

This presentation will illustrate how standard OpenVMS facilities can be leveraged to enable significant changes to storage configurations, without interrupting normal use.

A complete abstract of this talk can be found via our upcoming events page at Following the presentation, the slides will be available via our presentations page at

Imminent release of technical paper entitled Strategies for Migrating from Alpha and VAX to Integrity

Without question, everyone agrees that the best way to migrate to HP’s Integrity servers from Alpha and VAX is to re-compile, re-link, and re-qualify. If your sources, build procedures, and qualification procedures are current, this is the fastest, surest, and safest path to transition.

Others are challenged by one or more of these conditions. The obstacle may be technical, in terms of old or missing sources, inter-relations between components, or lack of staff time to make volumes of small changes. Business issues, including leases on existing systems, operational commitments, and business initiatives, also present obstacles. All of these can induce difficulties in what should be an otherwise straightforward process.

This whitepaper will explore strategies for leveraging unique OpenVMS features to achieve low-risk, low-effort transitions to the Integrity platform while transparently maintaining commitments to the enterprise. These OpenVMS facilities, including the Alpha Image Translator, the Translated Image Environment, logical names, mixed-architecture OpenVMS clusters, and Host-based volume shadowing enable us to allow a transition from Alpha and VAX to HP Integrity on an incremental basis, reducing risk and increasing flexibility.

When the paper is released, it will be reachable via our publications page at

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