The TechnicalCounsel(sm) News -- September 2006
Volume 3 Number 2 September 2006

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Hewlett Packard 2006 Technology Forum featured speech on Migrating Alpha and VAX to Integrity

The Hewlett-Packard 2006 Technology Forum included Strategies for Migration from Alpha and VAX to HP Integrity, a four-hour presentation by Mr. Gezelter on the strategic issues of converting to HP’s Integrity platform.

Without question, everyone agrees that the best way to migrate to HP’s Integrity servers from Alpha and VAX is to re-compile, re-link, and re-qualify. If your sources, build procedures, and qualification procedures are current, this is the fastest, surest, and safest path to transition.

Others are challenged by one or more of these conditions. The obstacle may be technical, in terms of old or missing sources, inter-relations between components, or lack of staff time to make volumes of small changes. Business issues, including leases on existing systems, operational commitments, and business initiatives, also present obstacles. All of these can induce difficulties in what should be an otherwise straightforward process.

The presentation explored strategies for leveraging unique OpenVMS features to achieve low-risk, low-effort transitions to the Integrity platform while transparently maintaining commitments to the enterprise.

These OpenVMS facilities, including the Alpha Image Translator, the Translated Image Environment, logical names, mixed-architecture OpenVMS clusters, and Host-based volume shadowing enable us to allow a transition from Alpha and VAX to HP Integrity on an incremental basis, reducing risk and increasing flexibility.

A complete abstract, along with the slides shown during the presentation, is posted at:

Westchester County Executive to host Wireless Security: What Every Business Must Know

At the invitation of County Executive Andrew Spano, Mr. Gezelter will present Wireless Security: What Every Business Must Know at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, October 4, 2006 at the County Center in White Plains, New York. The Westchester business and IT communities are invited to attend this free seminar.

Westchester County’s Local Law 4-2006 makes it the first jurisdiction in the United States to require that businesses implement basic network security measures in order to protect customers’ private data. Mr. Gezelter will present a “How-to-do” on complying with the technical requirements of the law, which typically cost less than $ 100.00 and take less than an hour.

The full abstract along with the exact time and location of this presentation is posted on

Following the talk, the slides from the presentation will be available through our presentations page.

IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor Program sponsors presentations by Mr. Gezelter on Software Architectures

Montreal: October 11, 2006 at 6:30 PM at Concordia College

Ottawa: November 29, 2006 at 6:30 PM at a location to be announced

The Montreal and Ottawa chapters of the IEEE Computer Society have invited Mr. Gezelter to present Architectural Techniques for Interoperability and Coexistence. IEEE members, the IT community, and the general public are all invited.

Software architectures enable systems to have long productive lives and eliminates the need for expensive, on-going revisions. Good architecture also enables systems to evolve to additional tasks and missions without incompatible changes. Systems can operate efficiently for decades, with low costs while assimilating dramatic changes in underlying technologies.

A complete abstract, along with the exact time and location of this presentation is posted on A description of the IEEE Computer Society’s Distinguished Visitor Program can be found in Volume 1, Number 1 of the TechnicalCounselSM News.

Following the talk, the slides from the presentation will be available through our presentations page.

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Future IEEE-sponsored Speeches

Mr. Gezelter is in discussion with several IEEE chapters throughout North America concerning presentations under the auspices of the
Computer Society's Distinguished Visitor's Program. As scheduling arrangements are finalized, we will keep our readers advised.

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