TurnKey Integration & Protocol Enhancement

For a Fortune 10 corporation, was responsible for the design and implementation of software necessary to permit MicroVAX systems using VAX/VMS and DECnet to utilize dial-up connections to a public packet switched data network (not designed for use with computer-computer communications). Implementation of this required modifications at the DDCMP level, which permitted the chain of elements (MicroVAXes, PSDN, X.25 PADs) to correctly transmit data bidirectionally. Effort was successful in an elapsed time of two weeks (six weeks part time including equipment procurement for demonstrator system). Client staff had previously projected a multiple man-year effort.

System Deployment

For a measurement equipment manufacturer, was responsible for the setup and installation of Pathworks and DECnet facilities on an Ethernet LAN located in the Far East. The installation included full installation of Pathworks and DECnet in a "no support environment" (no outside telephone, no outside technical support available in any way). The installation and troubleshooting was completed without incident. Was engaged for this field expedition after technicians originally tasked for this matter found it not possible to install product without outside technical support.

Network Performance

For a major non-profit agency, have performed performance analysis and troubleshooting relating to their Pathworks network, which includes over 90 MS-DOS based personal computers and supporting infrastructure. Have identified problems with the installation of the network which resulted in excessive collisions on the Ethernet and reduced Pathworks performance. Also reviewed the performance issues pending on the ALPHA and VAX systems being used to support the Pathworks environment.

Callable Libraries and Realtime Applications

For an OEM, designed and implemented applications libraries to allow applications utilities to connect to and manage devices physically plugged into the MS-DOS based workstations. This communications project required the implementation of library routines (on the VMS host) and a server (on the MS-DOS systems) to establish, manage, coordinate, and release DECnet logical links between the host and server systems. DECnet-VAX was used on the host. The servers were MS-DOS personal computers using Pathworks.

Network Maintenance

Have maintained inhouse and clients networks including DECnet-VMS, DECnet-11M/M+, DECnet/POS, DECnet-DOS, Pathworks and various TCP/IP implementations operating on a mixture of asynchronous serial connections and Ethernet LAN for several years.

Protocol & Network Analysis

For a major computer company, have been responsible for a project, using OpenVMS 6.1 and Pathworks 5.0 and 5.1 to test the behavior of software products in that environment. The test environment has involved the installation of a 6 node network in our laboratory, together with programming at both the DECnet Logical Link level and the LATdriver (OpenVMS) and the LAT API level (Pathworks).

Setup & Installation

For an educational institution, have setup and installed lab environment consisting of Pathworks and OpenVMS server.


For the R&D center of a major chemical firm, have isolated, identified, and corrected problems with their Ethernet LAN which had previously defied solution by customer, LAN integrator, and LAN vendor staff. The problem had resulted in the facility wide LAN (400+ employee, 4 square block facility) becoming unavailable, with no warning, several times a day.


For various clients, have been involved with the Internet (and its predecessor, the Arpanet) since 1978. Have worked with TCP/IP and related protocols, SMTP, FTP, etc.

Domain Name Services (DNS)

Have configured systems as primary, secondary, and authoritative Domain Name Servers for both Internet (external) and Intranet (internal) networks.

Network Management

For a midtown law firm, was responsible for the resolution of several issues surrounding their combined DECnet, Novell, and TCP/IP network. Filed paperwork required for the allocation and registration of a Class C IP number, and paperwork required for the reservation of their domain name with the Network Information Center.


Have spoken on Pathworks, DECnet, and related technical, operations, and management issues at DECUS Symposia in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Turkey. Presentations have included both one hour sessions and full day seminars.


Have authored several articles on Pathworks, DECnet, and related areas. Articles have been published by Digital Systems Journal, Open Systems Today, Network Computing, Digital News, and Hardcopy.

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