Design Implementation for the Long Term

It has become economic suicide to design hardware components for a single project. Computers on every scale have become ubiquitous, from rack-sized servers to programmable device controllers and logic arrays that cost fractions of a dollar. At the same time, the costs of designing and producing circuit cards have escalated to the point where correcting a shortcoming of the hardware layout or design is a financial and schedule catastrophe. In point, an extra etch on a circuit card is zero cost; correcting an omitted etch can cost in excess of $ 100,000 and months of schedule slippage.

Conversely, the foresight of provisioning those connections and etches not strictly necessary for the task at hand can pay handsomely large dividends when design requirements change, underlying technologies change, or new sales opportunities arise.

We will examine how good design practices reduce project risk and increase the utility of the resulting design.

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